Mark Boldizar

Creating Your Future Using The Mind Acceleration Effect With Mark Boldizar

Mark Boldizar is best known for leading Fortune 500 companies as well as individual seven-figure entrepreneurs to realize their full potential. 

With Jack Canfield’s endorsement he co-wrote the bestselling book Unleash Your Future and was the first guest on his show Talking About Success. 

Mark has been featured in everything from the Los Angeles Tribune to Top Talent Magazine and he has shared the stage with living legends that include Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, John Assaraf, and more. 

Mark has even been awarded a US patent for an innovation in the semiconductor industry. 

When he isn’t teaching people how to move from settling to success through the Law of Attraction, he can be found running or biking through beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Today, he is here to talk to us about the Mind Acceleration Effect.

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