Dr. Kimberley Linert

How To Reach Your Potential And Elevate Your Happiness With Dr. Kimberley Linert

Dr. Kimberley Linert is a pioneer in the field of behavioral optometry, a specialty that primarily deals with visual development and performance in children, top-tier athletes, patients with neurological conditions, or those with visual focus and coordination difficulties. So, she is working on the leading edge of vision and movement therapies.

She is founder of the Optic Brainfit Foundation where her unique teachings have reached everyone from C-suite executives to performance athletes, from high achievers looking for a leading edge to young people with special needs or learning difficulties, brain injury survivors and the elderly.   

Dr. Linert is also a speaker, author of “Visualizing Happiness in Every Area of Your Life,” and host of the podcast “Incredible Life Creator.”

Today, she is here to talk to us about how to realize our potential and elevate our happiness.

Connect with Dr. Linert:

Free Book: https://www.drkimberleylinert.com/freebook

Website: https://www.drkimberleylinert.com/

Twitter: @LifeKimberley

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