Dr. David Prologo

A Radically Different Approach To Weight Loss With Dr. David Prologo

Dr. David Prologo is a board certified obesity medicine physician known for his groundbreaking weight loss procedure that has been covered by all kinds of media, even in TIME.  We’ll talk about that a bit later, though.

Dr. Prologo tells us that obese and overweight patients have a host of variables that block them from losing weight on their own. These variables cannot be overcome with “willpower” alone.

He is the author of The Catching Point Transformation, a brand new approach to weight loss. Dr. Prologo’s plan is focused on overcoming the body’s resistance to change. It is designed to guide the reader through twelve short weeks—without all of the struggle, starving, and pain of historical dieting.

Today, he is here to talk to us about his groundbreaking procedure, as well as surefire tips on how to take, and keep, the weight off.

Connect with Dr. Prologo:

Website: https://www.drprologo.com/

IG: @jdprologo